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Brass thumb Screws - Washer Face-Inch
    Publish time 2020-11-02 09:36    

 Brass thumb Screws - Washer Face-Inch
Metric size available

Description  Brass thumb Screws - Washer Face-Inch
Material C3604
Finish: Clean
Product Features
Thumb screw provides a knurled head so it can screwed tight with thread just by hand, it can also be slotted head or socket head in cause there is no room to reach out fingers. it can also be designed as plain head, thumb screw with washer face, slotted head, socket head and push type.
1. In bulk : Polybag ( 1-5 kgs) and cartons (8-20 kgs ) , 0.01 CBM / CTN
2.  All cartons to a pallet ( 1X1.2 m )
3.  Customized packing