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Stainless steel knurled swage standoffs
    Publish time 2020-10-30 15:53    

Stainless steel knurled swage standoffs

Stainless steel knurled swage standoffs
Description Stainless steel knurled swage standoffs
Material SUS303
Finish: Plain
Product Features
Electroic Hardware-Swage Standoff provides pre-holding strength before stack install. this kind of standoff is designed primarily for installation in epoxy glass, phenolic boards and aluminum panels or chassis. If it needs a better Anti-Rotation. you can choose Anti-Rotation Swage Standoffs, it provides 3-4 times more holding power than normal. This broaching type standoff literally cuts its way down into the mounting material.The nurled shank feature eliminates electrical connection breaks due to loosening and spinning of the standoff under high torque conditions
1. In bulk : Polybag ( 1-5 kgs) and cartons (8-20 kgs ) , 0.01 CBM / CTN
2.  All cartons to a pallet ( 1X1.2 m )
3.  Customized packing
Body shape commonly is round, while hex body is also optional. But need take more consider for the material of swage standoffs if puch tool is swage not flare type.